Caring for your child

Our priority for all the children we care for is to ensure that we provide them with a caring, safe and stimulating environment from the offset.

We understand that starting nursery can be a difficult time so we try and make it a little easier by offering several settling in sessions for the children to help them adjust to the new environment. We also want to help you as parents/carers to get to know the team and share information about your child with their new key carer at nursery. This will hopefully make you feel more confident and happier when it’s time to start.

At buds that blossom in Wendover we have two main rooms Buds and blossoms.

Buds Room

The Buds is divided into two sections one for the little Buds which are the younger babies that is wonderfully calm and relaxing, with space to crawl and explore, new sights and sounds to stimulate the senses and provides them with a cosy environment where they can play, rest and sleep until they are confident on their feet.

The second section is for the older Buds that are more active and confident on their feet, giving them space to explore and investigate creatively with lots of messy activities, songs, stories and rhymes to encourage communication.

Our Buds room is the perfect place to begin their nursery journey.

Blossoms Room

Children’s curiosity is at an all-time high as they happily explore and investigate the world around them. Preparing them for school is serious stuff and at Buds that Blossom be believe it is important that learning should be fun so they gain the confidence to move to the next stage in their learning.

So with carefully planned and structured activities that promote reading, writing, maths and science children are learning as they play and interact with others.

Outdoor Play

We believe that outdoor play is an essential part of everyday as it offers children the freedom, space and time to explore, so they can connect to the natural environment, the elements, seasons and natural world. Where they can plant, grow seeds, discover wildlife and build dens.

Our staff team

At Buds that Blossom we believe the staff are extremely important. They are the biggest factor when it comes to children developing to their full potential in a caring, nurturing and fun environment. That is why we have taken a lot of effort to hand pick our amazing team.

Early Years Foundation Stage

As a childcare provider we are required to deliver an educational curriculum that meets the government standards of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). This ensures that each child understands things like numbers, letters, social skills through the 7 areas of learning ready for school.

Here at Buds that Blossom we want to achieve more than that. We want confident children who understand the importance of care and respect for others, who are inquisitive and want to know how things work, grow and evolve.

We use an online system called tapestry so you can see what your child is up to at nursery and how they are developing, it also gives you the opportunity to add to this journey and work in partnership.

Our Staff Training

Our staff who are passionate and excited about working with children and we support our staff with ongoing training to enhance and develop their knowledge and skills and to facilitate their career progression.

All our staff receive training in child protection (safeguarding), first aid, food hygiene and Fire safety as part of the induction process and these qualifications are renewed on an ongoing basis.

We also deliver training in-house on our policies and procedures and aspects of children’s learning and development.

Quick, Easy & Problem-free

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